Before you start getting information on why you should use a VPN, you need to know what it actually is. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What this does is add an extra layer of security and privacy to networks. They can be used on both private and public networks. There are several different reasons why you might want to use a VPN. Check out mejorvpn for a comparison of the best VPN providers.

Reason #1: P2P Files

P2P files sharing is when someone uploads music and/or movies online and then other people can come and download them for free. Sometimes this kind of thing can get you and the other person into a lot of trouble because artists and producers don’t want to let their stuff go for free. Sometimes law enforcement will even go undercover and pretend to be another file sharer. By using a VPN, you can go undetectable and pretty much unidentifiable. While using one will slow down your bandwidth by 25%-50%, the anonymity outweighs this.

Reason #2: Public Browsing

This would be beneficial for anyone using public networks to browse the internet. Some examples of this would be: the library, a restaurant, or a hospital. Using a VPN for this type of thing will help make sure that your information is secure and someone else can’t hack you and steal any of your information. Something to remember about this type of browsing is that NOTHING is encrypted so it’s very easy to be intercepted if you aren’t using a VPN.

Reason #3: Bypass Blocks

Using a VPN for this purpose is good for people who are accessing the internet at work or school. A lot of those types of organizations have restrictions on what you can and can’t access. For example, say you are at school and they have restrictions on email websites. When you go to the website you will get a page that tells you it’s blocked and you can’t access it. Using a VPN will bypass these blocks and you can access pretty much any website you want. Also, since a VPN hides your information, the administrator won’t be able to get any information on your browsing.

Reason #4: Country Blocks

Just like schools and companies have restrictions, some countries do as well. This would be good if you are traveling and need to access a website that is only available in your home country. Using a VPN will help you get around these restrictions and access any website you want. It will also stop the government from seeing what pages you are visiting and what you are doing on the internet.

Reason #5: Stop Search Engine Logging

For whatever reason, some people don’t want their searches to be saved in search engines. Using a VPN will help hide your IP address so your searches won’t be associated with you. If you don’t use a VPN then search engines ALWAYS keep a log of every single search you’ve done and then will show you advertisements that correlate with those searches. A VPN will help stop that.

These are just a few examples of why you should or could use a VPN. Using a VPN can help you be anonymous online and not have to worry about any of your information or browsing habits getting out. If any of these situations pertain to you, then give a VPN a shot!