It is incredibly easy to take your music with you when you have a music streaming service. Compare the different options before signing up or renewing your service to find out if they have the artists and songs that you want to listen to on a regular basis. If you listen to your music on a home theater system, then make sure that it is compatible to the service. Alternatively, if you and the rest of your family would like to share the cost of one subscription, then make sure that is allowable. Some streaming services allow you to stream your own music collection while others limit you to using theirs. Consider these choices before you decide.


The first major free music download and streaming service was Spotify. Save your mobile data or listen to your music where you cannot get internet by downloading your favorite songs on this service. If you have a great musical ear, then this may not be the best service for you because some find the quality lacking. Users who do not mind ads have the option of using Spotify for free. Removing the ads will cost you a small monthly fee. This service offers a discount to students, and they have a family plan. While 30 million tracks are available, some artists are choosing to withdraw their music or their latest hits from this service. The interface is very user friendly for those finding technology a challenge.

Apple Music

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music has no free level. They do, however, offer a free three-month subscription with a credit card. Apple Music also offers a family plan and a deeply discounted student plan. Company executives have used their clout to encourage some artists to eliminate their music on other services. They are then encouraged to list it here exclusively. The layout is great for people who are visual learners, and the large buttons are easy to use. When you first start using this service, you are asked to identify your favorite genres and artists. Then, the service locates new songs you may want to hear. Buffering is not as smooth as with some music services, and they do not provide an option to wait to download, so some tracks may skip.


Tidal was largely unknown until Jay Z brought this music streaming service in 2015. If you have a strong musical ear, then consider paying for the upper tier as it has the best quality available. Those who do not choose the upper tier find that the lower tier is equal to other musical services. The service has no discounted student or family plan. One of the drawbacks of this service is that there is no free option, so users must pay from the beginning. Some users who use the service on small portable devices find that the interface is a bit clunky to operate. For example, adding a new song to a playlist requires you to go into a separate submenu. Tidal offers pre-made playlists by some of today’s hottest entertainers.


Many people are very happy with all three music streaming services. Make sure to check the artists on the service because many are starting to exclusively list their music with one service or another. If you are a student or in a family, then you may want to consider those offering discounted pricing. Try them today as the interfaces are all different, so some people find one easier to use than another.