We here at the office are fanatics of the FIFA games. One of our colleagues has made this handy guide when it comes to FIFA coins and how to use and purchase them effectively. Enjoy.

FIFA 18 coins can be used to buy other players and advanced to the next level in your FUT game. Before you do, though, you need to know how to buy them. You need to know how to buy them safely without getting banned. It is tricky, but it can be done.

1) Go to Google and do a search. There will be a list of ten sites to go to on the first page. These are going to be your better bet. Google will only rank the better ones on the first page. Do not bother going to the second page. We have personally used www.buyfifacoinsfast.com and found it to be a very smooth and quick experience.

2) Browse each and every site. This is going to take some time. This is only for those who have the time to do it. You need to read over everything. Search out every detail. Some sites will better than others. This is the safest way to do this. It is risky to rely on third-party sites that may not be as trustworthy.

3) Read over the reviews on the site. A good site will have blog news. It will have reviews, both good and bad. Are you finding a site that has outdated information? Are you finding a site where the information has been deleted or is not there at all? This is a bad site. Stay away from it. It is equal to doing business with someone you do not trust. Sites that are genuine update their information every 1-3 days.

4) Compare, compare, compare. Compare prices. Compares the services you will get with each one. Not all of them are alike. No company does the same business as the next. Create a chart of some kind. Go over it with a fine-tooth comb. Figure out what you are looking for in a site. Does the site have it?

Some prices are going to be reasonable. Others will not be. It is up to you to decide which ones are which. Window shop a little bit. You may find a good price in the beginning. You may find an even better price towards the end. This also goes for the service. Think of it like shopping on Ebay. You do not go with the first offer. You see what other sellers are doing business for and match them up.

5) There is something called a “domain checker”. This site is used to verify if a site is legitimate or not. Use it. It will verify whether or not the site is registered. This checker will verify whether or not the reviews are genuine or not, too. Some sites put up fake reviews just to sell their product. This domain checker will make sure the site is real.

6) Please make sure the site is in good standing with all levels of customer service and FIFA 18 coin verification. Everything counts here. The customer service and supports need to be on point. The products need to be real. The last thing you want is to use fake coins to buy a player for the field.

Keep calm. Exercise patience. This goes for both buying and using your coins. Play safe and remember to have fun!