For most business owners looking to set up a business website, the quality of the web design ranks high on their list of priorities, and it should. A very good web design is a recipe for success since visitors will find the platform appealing and easy to use. However, what many fail to realize is that search engine optimization (SEO) is equally important and complement web design as much as web design complements SEO

The average web designer has graphic designing and a certain degree of programming skills, so when you hire a web designers Brisbane agency, you already know what to expect. But to achieve continuous success after the website is built and launched, you need to use certain tools, with SEO being one of them, to increase visibility.

Good web design experts understand the importance of biding SEO-friendly websites. That is why they use the right templates to maximize the impact of SEO. In a nutshell, a great web design appeals not only to visitors but to web crawlers as well. Here are some of the ways web designs complement each other.

Aid Web crawlers

When people go online, they search for something using keywords or phrases. To increase the quality of their search results, web crawlers come into play. When web crawlers scroll the online space for data, it mimics human actions, so the search bots or search crawlers as they are called will respond to your website in exactly the same way that a human user will.

If the web design is poor, the website will rank very poorly because users will either avoid the website or log out as quickly as they log back in. Web crawlers will identify this pattern and downgrade the status of the site as well.

So you see, the quality of your web design will influence how your site is ranked. If the interface is user-friendly with bold texts that are well arranged, visitors, and by extension, web crawlers will respond positively to the website.


Increased user time

Sites with good web designs become authority websites for a particular niche or keyword for several reasons. One of them is the amount of time the average user spends on the platform. Most visitors will leave a site immediately if they do not like the quality of a site. However, the longer visitors spend on a site, the higher the site will rank for that keyword.

Good designs also raise the trust level among visitors, and many will rate the site as an authentic platform. But where does SEO come in? Well, SEO increases your search visibility and attracts users to click your link. So while web design influences visitors to stay long in a house, SEO is like the door that creates access. So, side by side, SEO and web design complement each other to make your website more search-worthy and reputable.

If you have the budget for it and you want your site to rank on Google for a keyword or a set of keywords as quickly as possible, you can hire both a web designer and an SEO content creator to work side by side to set up your site as quickly as possible. After designing the site to suit your preference, the SEO expert will then handle the responsibility of creating quality content for your website.

Here are some of the steps both professionals will need to take to ensure that your site stands out in an over-crowded field of sites competing for the same audience.

Easy Navigation and Simple Design

A very good web designer will build a site with easy-to-use navigation keys that allow the user to move from one page to the next or scroll from top to bottom. With easy navigation tools, visitors can view the content created by the SEO content creator. Also, a good web design will only have a simple URL that web crawlers can easily identify.

Readability priority

The web design has to be very easy to view and read. Simply put, the design has to be pleasing to the eyes. To this end, the web designer will ensure that the font, text, color, and theme elements are of the right size and color. For example, black text in white background is far better than white text in black background. These elements are essential to improve the readability of a website.

Content & Image Combination

SEO may utilize loan texts, but there are no demerits to use relevant images to pass your message across. In fact, experienced SEO experts will argue that contents with images are better than content with only text. Very good web designers in Brisbane know this to be true, so they create web pages that are image-friendly. With an image-friendly website, you can upload images to your web pages and add meta descriptions to make them visible.

Images that have the right sizes and meta descriptions are easily indexed by search crawlers.

Fast Loading

No matter the quality of your SEO content, if your pages take time to load, users will respond negatively to it. Good designers avoid this by ensuring that your platform loads as quickly as possible so that your Google ranking is not impacted by slow loading. Using the best web practices is the stock in trade of experienced web designers in Brisbane. They ensure that the site they build for you guarantees fast loading times and keeps your users on-site for as long as possible.

Web design and SEO complement each other, which is why it pays to use the services of trained experts like the ones at  With our help, you get a site that boasts the best web design that will help you incorporate your SEO strategies for long-term gains.