If you want to spy on someone’s phone for any reason, you need to understand how these apps work so that you can use them properly. Whether you are a concerned parent who wants to keep a check on their child for their well-being and safety or a spouse who suspects their significant other for cheating, or a business owner who wants to keep a look at their employees during business hours, you can use free text spy apps to access their phone and monitor their phone activities discreetly.

How to use the phone spy app

While the method of reporting or set-up may differ, most cellphone spy apps work more or less along the same lines and have similar processes. If you want to use one, you need to pick an app compatible with the mobile device’s operating system. For instance, if it is an iOS system, the phone needs to be jailbroken before use.


You need to install the software on the targeted phone to access its data since remote installation for such apps is not available. However, once the software has been installed on the phone, you can easily access its data remotely.

Going back to the installation and configuration, the software will record the various activities occurring on the phone and generate data logs once it is done. You can access the data on your account on the app’s website from any internet browser.

Data access

You may need to log into your account through your mobile device to view the data logs generated by the software. The remote web control panel allows you to download recordings of calls or messages, pictures and videos. For most apps, you can control the software remotely to unlock the phone, start or stop recordings or even delete files if required.

What kind of information you get access to depends on the kind of app you have opted for. For instance, some apps allow you to access messaging on other digital platforms, including Facebook or WhatsApp.

These apps can also enable you to turn on the camera or the microphone to view or listen in on any conversations. Moreover, you can also find out the phone’s current location to find out the whereabouts of the phone owner through GPS. The app can also generate a GPS history log to provide details about the previous locations that the phone has been in.

The important requirement here is continuous internet connectivity. If the targeted phone does not have an internet connection, you may not be able to access its activity data properly.

On the other hand, you can use online spy websites if you do not want to install tracking software on the phone in question but want to access its data. Such tools require you to enter the targeted phone number and provide you access right away. They are also easy to use and do not require any installation on the phone. However, in most cases, they require you to install an app (for ads) as a part of their anti-bot system for verification.