Nowadays, it is not just that people use Apple AirPods to listen to their digital devices, it is also that many of them want to be able to keep them in custom AirPods cases.

If you are one of these people, here are the current top five popular custom AirPods cases on the market at the moment. They could be a perfect fit for your own AirPods, or a perfect gift for someone else.


Photograph cases — One of the top five popular custom AirPods case is a case that has a personalized photograph on the front of them.


These photographs can be of yourself, your spouse or significant other, your children, your family or even your cat or dog. Some people even have photographs custom printed onto their AirPods cases that were taken at their favorite beach or mountain resort.


Any company that produces these cases will be happy to use any photograph you want. Just remember it will be on that case as long as you use it, so choose something you really love.


Logo cases — Another very popular custom case is one with the logo of your company on it.


These can be perfect for you to give to employees, to hand out to customers or to even give away at fairs, conferences and events. After all, anything that is this nice with a logo of your company on could be good advertising for you.


Monograms and names — One of the more simple top five popular custom AirPods cases is those that are printed with monograms or names.


These can be kept incredibly simple by using plain black lettering in simple fonts. They can also be very complex by using ornate fonts and gold or silver lettering, or even lettering with glitter on it.


Cartoon characters — If you want to find a custom AirPods case for a child, or even for an adult that is a fan of anime or other cartoons, buying a custom case made in the shape of a cartoon or anime character is very popular.


These cases do tend to be a little bit larger than the other custom cases mentioned here, and can come in unique shapes, so do be sure you check the size and shape carefully before ordering one.


Designer cases — The last of the top five popular custom AirPods cases is those made with the logo or brand identity of a luxury brand.


These could be Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel designer AirPods cases. Some are authentic and made by the designers themselves, while others are fake. Be sure you know what you are buying before you order a case that you like.


There are many more custom AirPods cases on the market, but these five are the ones most people seem to like.