While all vacuum cleaners are used to perform the same function, they may not be used in the same manner. Hence knowing how to use your vacuum cleaner makes all the difference in terms of cleaning outcomes and the vacuum’s maintenance and upkeep.

Rainbow vacuums are not only designed to clean the basics like your carpets and rugs, but they clean different kinds of things and surfaces. Their versatility, in addition to their cleaning ability, makes them a class apart. So if you, too, have a Rainbow vacuum, here is how you can use it to make the most out of your cleaner.

Use it regularly

To experience the best cleaning outcome from the Rainbow cleaning system, you must use it regularly, i.e., at least once a week. It will not only keep the floors clean but will also clean the air and will keep your house smelling fresh. You do not need to pre-sweep the floor before vacuuming, as the Rainbow vacuum will be effective on all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, since you do not need to change cleaning equipment mid-cleaning, you will be done fairly quickly.

Use attachments

If you want to add versatility to your cleaning routine, use the attachments that come with the vacuum. There are many useful attachments, for instance, the Upholstery Tool, which is great for cleaning your home furnishings, including your sofas, chairs, and even your delicate fabrics, wool, and fur coats.

If you have difficult-to-reach areas in the house like the back of your fridge and other such places, even your car, use the Rainbow Coil Cleaner for a satisfying job. Similarly, you can use the Rainbow Jet for hard surfaces and the Dusting Brush attachment to clean the windows, blinds, walls, drapes, curtains, etc.

Another great attachment that house owners often tend to overlook is the Inflator tool. Use it if you quickly want to inflate an air mattress, an exercise ball, or a float. It saves you the energy you may otherwise need to spend on blowing into the object or using a hand pump.

With so many ways to use the Rainbow Vacuum, it is easy to see why it is so popular among users.

Ensure proper maintenance

If you want to prolong the life of your vacuum, you must ensure its proper maintenance. For instance, once you are done using the vacuum, clean it properly before putting it away. Rinse out the water basin and if you suspect there may be calcium residues, dry it properly by hand. Also, remember to clean the attachments if you have used them.

If you are servicing the Rainbow Vacuum, adhere to safety instructions to have a smooth experience. For instance, ensure you have unplugged the vacuum and turned off the power button before servicing. In addition, make sure your hands are dry, and there is no moisture. You can also use gloves before servicing your vacuum.