If you sell products and want to attract more attention to them on the shelf, using custom stickers in USA to do so can be very effective.

In order to get the attention you will need to sell more units of your products, however, you will have to design effective custom stickers.

Follow these tips and you can.

Make them brightly colored — Stickers in red, orange, bright yellow or neon green will stand out when placed on your products, and make people look at them as oppose to your competitor’s products standing next to them on the shelf.

Interesting shapes — Do not just use square or circular custom stickers, but instead design them in interesting shapes.

If one of your products is a dog shampoo, for instance, design it in the shape of a dog kennel or a bone. If you are selling shampoo infused with fruit, design your custom stickers in the shape of an apple or an orange.

Use a very clear font — One of the mistakes people make when designing custom stickers is they do not use a font that is particularly legible. This can mean people trying to read the sticker give up and walk away, or the font that is used does not attract their attention in the first place.

Make sure any font you use on your custom stickers is clear and legible, and you will get more people noticing it and reading it.

Be brief — Do not try to write a novel on your custom stickers. Instead, use a brief but catchy message to attract potential customers’ attention. Whether that is something like ’20 percent off’ or ‘All natural ingredients’, just make sure it describes what is great about your product.

Never have a too complicated message on a custom sticker, as it is too much information for such a small area.