No digital streaming platform has leveled the playground for musicians like Spotify has done. In an industry where competition is so stiff, chances of an artist sinking to oblivion are higher compared to making it and becoming successful. Traditionally, the competition has always favored the moneyed. All that is in the past now. Spotify has provided equal opportunities to all artists at their different stages of career. The tools of work needed to start you off is a smartphone, a Spotify account and good music to upload, and the world is all yours to conquer!

Competition is fierce

Just like any other marketplace, there is always a competition to counter. That is why constantly working on and promoting your Spotify account is key to survival. There are those who think that once you upload your music on Spotify, the job is done. This is the reason why many upcoming artists are failing.

One needs to constantly promote oneself to ensure steady success. Before uploading any music, first analyze your target audience. Who make up this audience and what are their tastes and preferences. Taking time to work on your music before uploading, ensures that you are delivering the right content to your listeners. Also, using unique designs to brand yourself will help listeners to identify you with ease. Spotify offers this kind of opportunity to think business. Editorial teams and branding guidelines are available to Spotify users, to assist in creating the right content, and to make the account unique.

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Use Social Media Connections

Capitalizing on social media platforms to grow your Spotify account is another good strategy. Most people are spending significant amount of time on social media. Leveraging on this, will be a great strategy to popularize your Spotify account. The first step is to create a professional page with your brand name. Build a following steadily by posting informative and quality content. After growing your following, then you can start promoting your Spotify account by inviting your followers to listen to your playlists. Reddit can be used to promote a Spotify account. Reddit’s “Spotify Playlists” is a special subpage that hosts competitions regularly, and the playlists that emerge the best are awarded. Linking your playlist to this subreddit, can increase the chances of your account getting significant organic traffic. Considering the fact that Reddit has higher user engagement levels, chances of your playlist going viral is high.

Networking with other artists and playlist makers, is another great way that can be used to promote your Spotify account. Get to know what other artists the audience is listening to. Get in touch with these artists and promote each other’s work. You can also request influencers with massive following to promote your Spotify account.