How to increase your Listeners on Spotify

The discovery of the internet contributed to significant growth in the music industry. With more than 200 million users, Spotify is among the top music streaming platforms. With millions of users, Spotify allows musicians to grow and market their products. The major way of increasing Spotify listeners is by attracting Spotify followers. The following are some of the ways that you can attract Spotify listeners.

Using Social Media Platforms

With more than 3.8 billion social media users, social media is ideal for promoting all products. There are more than 21 social media platforms that Spotify artists can use to attract followers. Therefore, artists should link their Spotify playlists to their social media pages and constantly update the information, such as releasing a new single or album. Moreover, you can add the following Spotify widget on Facebook, Twitter, and personal website.



Creating a Spotify Playlist

Creating a playlist is an effective way of increasing followers on Spotify. You can create a playlist with your songs or other bands that can fit on your playlist. When posting your playlist on social media, you must tag the bands. This attracts followers who are interested in your music and other bands. Moreover, it is important to create a playlist with a minimum of 20 songs, with different artists to increase followers. You can also think about using a spotify playlists promotion service instead.

Consulting Music Blogs

If you want to increase your Spotify streams and followers, it is important to retain your current followers while attracting new ones. Today, blogs reach millions of people daily. Thus, musicians should utilize these resources to attract new followers. For instance, if certain blogs cover your music, you are guaranteed an increase in followers’ number.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has proven to be an effective marketing tool to promote music. As you grow, your mail listing will grow bigger with numerous recipients. Additionally, musicians must encourage their followers to subscribe to their mail newspaper. Once they have massive subscribers, they can use their newsletters for marketing their Spotify playlists.

Build Your Image

Artists need to have a strong brand image on Spotify and other social media platforms. Your site should be welcoming and have an appealing graphic image. Statistics indicate that an appealing image attracts the majority of humans. Thus, young artists must invest in an appealing brand image.

Use Curators to Promote Your Playlist

Music curators have a legacy of promoting music releases. Musicians should work on their music’s quality to attract their presence in the top music curators’ websites. Once their music feature on those sites, they are guaranteed to increase Spotify’s number of followers.