Even if you own a website that is important to you, you may still not notice the latest SEO trends for 2019. Nor may you realize just how important they can actually be.

This and other reasons are why making sure you are following the latest SEO trends with your site is key for anyone who wants a successful site.

Who is your audience and what do they want? — The most important thing your site needs to do is to offer your audience what they are looking for.

Whether that means articles, photos, videos, answers to specific questions or help with research, you need to make sure your site offers exactly what people need when they arrive on it.

Do not just concentrate on Google — While Google is still the big daddy of the search engines, there are hints other search engines are slowly beginning to whittle away some of their traffic.

On top of that, sites like Facebook, YouTube and Amazon are also taking some of Google’s market share away from them. This is why you should make sure you are following SEO that is going to attract other sites besides Google. After all, you do not want your site to be left behind when the mood switches away from Google. Many SEOs, including SEO consultant London, know that there are tons of other valuable traffic sources.

Improve your site’s speed — The speed of your site, especially on mobile, is vital when it comes to search engines noticing it and ranking it high in their search results.

If your site is slow, do everything you can to speed it up. Compress photographs, delete any plugin that is slowing it down and use a cache plugin to speed it up.

If you are not sure how fast or slow your site is, there are plenty of free site speed testers online you can use to find out.