RGB lighting has become the standard for gaming devices. Almost all gaming-focused keyboards, mice, headsets, and monitors feature RGB lighting as a standard feature. It allows users to customize the look of their device with various colors and effects.
However, not all RGB setups are created equally. Some RGB configurations only support regular RGB lighting instead of the more advanced addressable RGB (ARGB) format commonly found in high-end gaming peripherals.

Here we will compare ARGB vs. RGB lighting for gaming peripherals and see which one is better for your needs.

Is ARGB Better Than RGB?

The question that many people have when it comes to RGB is, “Can I use regular RGB lighting on my computer?” The simple answer to this question is no. You can’t. RGB lighting can only be found on gaming peripherals supporting the more advanced ARGB setup.

The main reason ARGB lighting is better than regular RGB lighting is that it allows for a more excellent range of colors and effects. While traditional RGB has only four different colors (red, green, blue, and white), addressable RGB setups offer various options, including 16.8 million colors, individual color control for each key, and customizable effects such as pulsing lights or breathing lights.

Does RGB or ARGB Affect Performance?

While addressable RGB lighting will undoubtedly affect the performance of your peripherals, it won’t always be the case. The improvement that ARGB lighting will bring to the performance of your device depends on many factors, such as the manufacturer, model, and software used by the device.

What devices Come with ARGB or RGB?

Many devices come with RGB lighting as a standard feature. Some of the most famous examples of this are keyboards and mice. These devices are usually equipped with LED strips that light up the keycaps to give them a unique shine. Laptops and monitors also come with RGB lighting as a standard feature.

However, not all devices come with RGB or ARGB lighting. Devices such as headphones and headsets come with regular RGB lighting instead of the more advanced ARGB setups.

The RGB lighting is a great feature to have on your gaming peripherals. However, if you want the most advanced RGB setup available, you should go for an ARGB setup. Some devices come with regular RGB lighting, others with ARGB lighting. However, not all devices support the more advanced RGB setups, so it’s crucial to check whether your device supports addressable RGB or regular RGB lighting and check out its specifications.