Startups, Small & Medium Enterprises, and even established firms are often contemplating to hire a new jersey marketing company and outsource all necessary marketing needs. But then there are some that prefer to do everything in-house. But what is the right choice? Let’s find out.

Agency vs. In-House Marketing

The question of choosing between a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team is a question of resources. Large and established firms that have the needed financial resources can outsource basically all of their marketing needs to reputable marketing agencies.

Small business owners usually have limited financial resource, so having their own marketing team might be more beneficial, as you can scale as you go and decide to outsource as you grow. ; this is something they can get from hiring an in-house marketing team.

Marketing experts often caution big businesses from over-relying on the services of marketing agencies. Outsourcing the services of marketing agencies helps small, medium, and large enterprises to attain workforce diversification.


It is true that great marketers are brilliant and creative intellects. But an aversion to boredom comes hand-in-hand with creativity. Consequently, junior to mid-level marketers undergo a job change every two to three years. The job changes keep the marketers sane but leave a dent in the firm they are leaving behind. It takes a lot of time, work, and investment to train a newly hired marketer to get acquainted with your business’ needs.

On the other hand, things are different at marketing agencies. Marketers in agencies work on a variety of businesses; this helps them maintain creative juices since they are continually experiencing various challenges. Even though marketing agencies don’t have a 100% employee retention, working with these agencies enables your firm to have a lot of different personnel involved with your transaction.

Agency vs. In-House Marketing

Generally speaking, if you think that employee turnover is a potential problem, or will become a potential problem in the future, hiring an agency is recommended. Smaller businesses typically have less to offer their employees in terms of variety and compensation. As a result, these businesses experience a lot of turnovers.

More prominent and established firms can provide more to their employees; this means that if they are serious with keeping their marketers happy, they stand a chance of maintaining the services of their marketers for an extended time. Whatever option, using a team of in-house marketers or a marketing agency are all viable ways of growing a business.