#1 Battery Life. Compared to other laptops on the market, Chromebook has an exceptionally good battery life. The average charge for a Chromebook is up to nine hours. Take into consideration what you are doing on your Chromebook during that time. If you are downloading a program, sometimes the battery life can decrease slightly or if you are watching movies during that time, it will also run the battery out faster.


#2 Durability. One of the greatest benefits of owning a Chromebook is the fact that they can withstand falls, extreme temperatures, scratches, and other small mishaps. Although they are not completely indestructible, the Chromebook is about as close as it can come to it.


#3 Parental Controls. Having kids in the home means that they are going to need to use a laptop for school work during the week. By having a Chromebook in the house, a parent can use the parental controls to control what they are looking at and downloading while browsing the web. No parent wants to have their child on chat sites or social media while doing schoolwork, so using a laptop such as Chromebook is a great way to put an end to it.


#1 Offline Capabilities. As Chromebook relies on the use of the internet greatly for a majority of its programs, offline use can be rather difficult. The apps used on the Chromebook are Android-powered, which means apps are being created to help with offline use in the future. If someone looking for a laptop that allows a majority of its programs to run offline, Chromebook may not be a great first choice.


#2 No External DVD Drive. A problem a lot of Chromebook users are finding is the fact that their computer does not have an external DVD drive for them to watch movies on or to save information on to a disc. Although you can still watch movies online, the Chromebook will never allow you to have the use of an external drive. It is always important to keep this factor in mind so a buyer does not purchase something they will not be able to use.


#3 Keyboard Problems. Chromebooks come with a new set of keys that have different shortcuts than a majority of other laptops do. For example: Instead of a caps lock key, the Chromebook has a dedicated search key. Although some may like the new keyboard setup, many users find it very difficult to learn and get used to. Before making the purchase, a person should always test out the Chromebook keyboard to make sure the capabilities are up to their standards and not impossible to use for what they need it for.

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