Deciding on the best shark tank products for your home that are both safe and effective to use can be a complete minefield. For some parents, homeowners, renters, or anyone that is interested in finding products for their home that do not necessarily have to include tons of chemicals in them in order to work, is the goal. Finding these types of products can be a trial and error process, which is why many of us rely so heavily on websites that have reviews and real testimonials before we spend our hard earned cash.

Additionally, finding products that are more natural and include safe ingredients that can be used around children and pets is becoming more and more popular in 2020. There is a huge demand for safe, non-toxic, and multipurpose cleaning products that won’t damage our surfaces, floors, clothes, etc. The list below includes a few products that are a great addition to anyone’s home. Some of them are for cleaning purposes, and others are more of a simple lifestyle hack that you are probably going to end up falling in love with!

  1. Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

This item has been reviewed as a revolutionary product for your bathroom. Without getting too personal, if you are someone who deals with frequent bouts of constipation, or even irregular and sporadic bowl movements, this could actually help you in relieving yourself more thoroughly and effectively. The “Squatty Potty” actually comes in various different heights to adjust to the height of your toilet and to yourself.

You use it just like the same suggests, it is essentially a tool that you place your feet on and naturally adjusts your posture into a squatting position while you are on the toilet. This position is meant to replicate the best way to have a bowl movement so your “number 2” is more complete. Having bowl movements that are non-satisfying is a common issue when your toilet is possibly too high, your feet don’t touch the ground properly, and your muscles are not able to relax in order to produce an effective bowl movement. If you feel like you constantly have to push, strain, or like your movements are cut off midway, a squatty potty is going to help massively in preventing situations like this! This is also a great product to have that the entire family can you. Younger children who are past the portable potty stage, and have graduated to using the adult toilet, will greatly benefit from having a Squatty Potty to help them adjust themselves better when going number 2.

  1. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner is made from non-toxic, natural ingredients that thoroughly clean all the surfaces in your home. Often times you might find that with natural cleaners there is a lack in effective cleaning power. You might have issues cutting through grease on your stove, however, this cleaning solution is specifically meant to do just that while also being gentle on the other surfaces around your home.

  1. Eco Nuts

This laundry detergent alternative is one of the most interesting products on the market today. Eco Nuts are reusable soap berries that you place into a cloth and toss into your laundry to produce a gentle cleanser for your clothes! This is such a great alternative to the harsh chemicals that are in laundry detergent pods these days. If you are someone who has very sensitive skin, these soap berries are going to provide you with another level of prevention to harsh chemicals touching your skin and giving your rashes or irritations.