If you run your website or websites on a shared server, there will come a time you will need to pay for a dedicated server.


While a dedicated server is more expensive than a shared server, they are not usually anywhere near as expensive as you may think they are going to be. They also offer so many benefits to a website owner, the faster your website is on a dedicated server the better.


Increasing traffic — If you are noticing a big increase in the amount of traffic arriving on your website, you will also usually notice that your site has slowed down.


This happens due to your site using almost all of the available resources of a shared server, and still not being able to keep up with traffic demand. When it does, you will need to start looking for a company, like posta elettronica, that can rent a dedicated server to you at an affordable price. If you do not, your site will probably eventually get so much traffic it will crash.


A much slower website — You can test the speed of your site using online tools like Pingdom, and you should do this several times a day.


Over time, you will also usually notice your site has become much slower. This is due to increasing traffic, and a shared server being completely unable to handle it all.


A slow site means many people visiting it will simply leave before a page has loaded, as they do not have the patience to sit and wait. This means you lose traffic and income, as well as quickly bouncing traffic signaling to Google that your site is too slow.


Do you have site crashes? — A site that is on a shared server and is using up too much of its resources will eventually begin to crash. This is due to your site using all the resources the server has, and it still not being enough.


One crash can happen to any site. If your site suddenly seems to be crashing all the time, however, this is usually a good indicator it is time to switch to a dedicated server. If you do not, your site could eventually crash and not be able to be gotten back online as the server simply does not have enough resources to accommodate it.


What are the benefits of a dedicated server? — As soon as you switch your website to a dedicated server, you will notice it immediately speeds up. This will often translate to a lower bounce rate, and more money being made as more of your traffic will stay on your site rather than leave because it is too slow.


Another benefit of a dedicated server is that yours is the only site on the server. This means you have complete control over the operating system being used, on how fast your server is and, of course, on how many visitors come to your site.


This is all because your website will no longer be competing with other sites on the server for resources or power.