As a Canadian Citizen, there are various websites that you cannot get access to from other countries due to your Canadian IP address. Also when using the internet, you might want to conceal who you are in case you encounter hackers who might mean harm by poaching your private data. Therefore for you to attain anonymity and get access so any forbidden information on the web you need a VPN provider to enable you.

There are many VPN providers available on the Canadian market that you might want to check out before settling on the one that suits you well. In doing so, there are many features that these VPN providers have that is used to your advantaged based on what you want.

To begin with, let’s see some of the most popular VPN Canada providers that many people have come to trust due the service they provide.


Through Canada, this VPN provider is one of the most sought after due to the many subscriptions made when purchasing it. This VPN server is a multi-purpose one allowing three devices to use its services at the same time.

Its payment method is convenient which include PayPal, Visa or MasterCard, and Bitcoin. It has a super-fast connectivity and when using it is very stable with unlimited bandwidth.


CyberGhost ranks among the leading VPN providers in the world and boasts of an easy signup procedure and after which one has the option of choosing through its three plans. One plan is free for six hours; another is a premium package and a premium plus package.

It is highly secure when using as it uses the best encryption (256) bit keys and can be used to unblocked content that might seem hard to access.

Private Internet access.

This VPN provider gets rated as one of the best in Canada that also comes with various package plans for its users. It has software features that can support Android, Mac, iPhones, iPad, and iOs.

Its use is highly secure and allows multiple users at a go with a very dependable Wi-Fi guard protection.


NordVPN comes in as a highly preferred and recommended VPN provider in Canada. This app is highly secure compared to others due to its double VPN software feature. This feature also allows the app to be very stable when being used.

The VPN service provider has a 30 day period through which someone can get their money back in case they are not satisfied using it.

Hide My Ass

This VPN provider is among those that are highly secure VPN providers globally. It can change your IP address at a fast speed and binds it to another place in an instant.

It also has a 30 day period for money guarantees with a friendly customer care service. This VPN provider has a feature for balancing the load.

From the few VPN server providers, you now have some necessary information on which providers can suit some of your needs and help you navigate the internet at the same time protecting yourself.