You may not know it but, when it comes to growing an Instagram account, there is actually a recipe for success. A recipe that, if most people followed it, they would have one of the most popular accounts on the social media platform.

This recipe for success in the Instagram account world does not take long to follow, nor is it expensive to do. If followed, however, it pretty much guarantees that you will have one of the most popular accounts on Instagram in just a few weeks, and for not very much money at all.

Check out the tips below on how to grow your instagram:

Just do these two things, and you will soon see exactly how popular you can become.

Buying Instagram account followers — There are two strategies to having a popular Instagram account. The first is to buy Instagram followers.

This can be done via an online service (Reference: ganhar likes no instagram) that sells them. These services allow you to buy as many or as few Instagram followers as you like. You pay, they deliver. It really is as simple as that.

Buying Instagram likes — The second strategy is to buy Instagram likes.

This is done by choosing the photos you would like to appear to be more popular and buying the number of likes you want added on to them. You can do this with the same service that sells Instagram account followers.

How does buying followers and likes grow your account? — These two strategies work in pretty much the same way.

In the first way, buying Instagram followers makes your account and, thus, you look very popular. The more popular you look, the more likely other people will want to follow you as the ‘ordinary’ people like to follow those who are not ordinary.

Buying photograph likes works a similar way, as it makes your photos look more popular. This, in turn, attracts the attention of more people on Instagram as the social media platform promotes more popular photographs so they get seen more easily.

The more people that see your photos, the more likely some of them will follow you. Therefore, buying likes does also translate into more people following your Instagram account and, of course, liking more of your photographs.

The snowball effect — As you get more followers and more likes, you will also see even more people following you.

This is the snowball effect of having a popular account — people follow popular accounts. It also means, in many cases, you will only have to buy Instagram followers and likes a couple of times each and, from then on, your account will start to grow by itself.

The cost too is very reasonable, with most services only charging a few dollars per thousands new followers.

Decide how much you can afford to pay and buy that number of followers. Wait until they arrive on your account, which in most cases will only be a few hours, and then watch as over the next few days other people will also start to follow your account.