Instant messaging allows individuals to connect, share opinions and express their ideas. This type of communication has opened the door to a new fresh dialogue of diverse views. It’s fast, simple and encourages a variety of perspectives.

LAN messenger is a client of this form of interchange. LAN messenger makes sure that your messages are private. It has implemented the security platform of AES encryption. The initials AES means Advanced Encryption Standard. AES is a security system that is held in high regards, to the extent that the US gov’t has adopted it. Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen are the Belgian architects of AES. LAN messenger understands that privacy allows the user to feel comfortable while using this platform. By working side by side with AES, it intends on moving forward to put the customer’s privacy first.

No Internet Connection Needed

Privayy is not the only thing, that LAN messenger users are excited about. With LAN messenger, an internet connection is not needed. This is good news for millions of people in and outside of the US, who for some reason can not acquire internet. There are different reasons why users may not be able to get an internet connection. The location of where the individual resides, for example, in rural areas may prohibit them from accessing the internet. However, with LAN, it is possible to chat without the use of the internet. In order to link two computers, you will need a cable. A hub is needed if the cable link is not sufficient. A hub is a device that affixes multiple devices. These devices are network-enabled. These types of devices, capacity from an outlet. These technique actually connects two computers to form a network.

Companies use LAN for various reasons. Some of those reasons are because LAN allows its users to share software licenses. This benefit can save the user money. This is a good thing and many of LAN’s users appreciate it. LAN allows centralization when it comes to information systems. Companies benefit from this feature, for simple reasons such as consistency and Harmony in data. All of the departments in the company can access one database. This attribute makes life a lot simpler, saving time and money for everyone. With LAN sharing files, becomes that much convenient and time-saving. The ability to collaborate with teammates, has reduced stress and aggravation.


When using LAN, you have the choice if picking out distinct uses when delivering a message. Or you can simply send a message to everyone within your network. This is an option that is come in handy when you have different messages for different people. Group contacts can get complicated, especially when you have a large number of them. LAN helps you to get your contacts under control. Staying organized can reduce frustrating moments, by keeping things simple. A feature that has been found to be useful is the capability to archive conversations. Depending on the conversation, you may not want it to be deleted, LAN gives you this option, along with many other unique features.