What Makes Good Ratings for Hoverboards

There are a few things to look into when rating hoverboards. Power and speed are the most viewed and how long the batteries last. Most hoverboards have Bluetooth, and some are designed for all terrains. Listed below are the top-rated hoverboards which have lived up to the consumer’s standards.

ROLAB Hoverboards

Rolab has three different models of hoverboards for sale, the C1, R1 and R2. They are on of the best-selling companies in the UK for hoverboards and rightfully so. Their hoverboards can be used on almost all terrains, come with a 6 hour ride time and can be used by everyone that’s older than 7 years and weighs more than 20kg. Check out three different models on their website to see the full list of specs (e.g. Bluetooth, Key Fob etc.) and the prices. There are a ton of incredible reviews on their website, too.

Halo Rover

The Halo Rover is currently at the top of the market and has everything the consumer is looking to buy. It is durable, and the safety features are guaranteed to keep the rider safe at all times. There are built-in speakers for an added feature which run off of Bluetooth and has a mobile app to track the speed, maps, and battery life. The Halo Rover runs off of 800 watts and can go up to ten miles per hour. It has a maximum range of 10 miles. Beginners and advanced riders will enjoy this top-notch hoverboard.

Halo Go 2

Halo Go 2 is ranked second on the list, and the only difference to the Halo Rover is there is no mobile app option. The features listed are the Bluetooth speakers for the perfect sound and the capability of going all terrain. It runs off of 500 watts of power and travels at nine miles per hour. Traveling at top speed, the Halo Go 2 has a maximum range of going up to eight miles.


Coming in at number three is the Segway. It is not designed for all terrains. The features listed are the built-in Bluetooth speakers and mobile app. Like the Halo Rover, the app shows the same battery life, speed, and maps. Segway runs off of 800 watts of power and goes up to ten miles per hour. It reaches a maximum range of 12 miles.

Timeless Fun

Hoverboards conserve human energy while saving on footwork. The durability of this timeless technology will leave a person feeling they had fun getting where they are going.