Using many of today’s organizational tools in order to get organized yourself can be very frustrating.


Not only are there many of them to choose from, most of them do not always do what you want. In fact, some of them are nothing more than a short step up from the Notepad we have all always used on Microsoft Windows.


Luckily there are some excellent and very new online notepads out there, and they can get you organized very very quickly.


Free online notepads — Start with a look at some of the free online notes app, like the one created by ClickUp.


These are notepads that come with a ton of features, can handle just about anything you need doing, and yet are still completely free. For single users, as long as you do not require more than 100MB of storage, these notepads will always stay free.


Use inside your browser — Unlike other stand-alone apps, there is no need to have separate apps running with an online notepad.


Instead, they just run inside your browser, allowing you to switch quickly from what you are working on to your notepad as you think of another good idea.


Write down your ideas — Everyone has many good ideas throughout the day that they often forget, simply because they had nowhere to write them down. At least not a place where they could keep them organized, and be able to find them easily at a later date.


With an online notepad like the one from ClickUp, however, you can not only write down all your ideas as you think of them, but you can also organize them under different headings and sub-headings. Thus making it very easy to find them again.


Create agendas — Along with ideas, we often need an agenda to make sure we get everything done. Including taking a look at the ideas we just thought of.


This is why an online notepad like the one from ClickUp is useful as it even allows you to create agendas.


These agendas can have everything you need to do no a particular day organized under the time you need to do them. Then all you have to do is to refer to the agenda throughout the day, just to make sure you get everything done.


To do lists — We all work better from to do lists than we do from just about anything else, and most online notepads also allow you to create them.


As the ability to create lists is also unlimited, you can have hundreds of them in your account all at the same time. They even have check boxes next to each list item, so you can check them off as you get them done.


Organizing your information — The top online notepads also allow you to organize your information in a way that suits you.


That means you can just have them in lists, in box views or even in a board view. That way you can find everything you have whenever you need to find it.