Transportation, everyone will need it sooner or later. Yes, it is always best to have a car around even if you have other reliable means of transportation. However, not everyone can afford to ride in a late model vehicle. Fact is, an older model car can get people around just as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best automobiles that can be purchased for under $5000.

Factors that Influence a Car’s Price

There are different factors that influence a used vehicle’s price. These factors include make and model of the vehicle, the year the car was manufactured and how many miles the car has been driven. Other factors include the condition of the vehicle and the features that it has.

A vehicle’s make and model is important to its price. High end vehicles from an upscale brand will typically cost more than standard vehicle models. If a person wants to purchase a Mercedes Benz for under $5000 they will have to buy one that produced in the 70s and 80s. Even then, they will have to make sure that the type of Benz they are buying is not a rare model that has been kept in excellent condition. If they do, they are going to have to pay more for it.

The year is also going to influence its price. Cars that were produced within a given year or a few years before the current year will cost more than vehicles manufactured many years ago. So, if a person wants to spend under $5000 for a car they will have to purchase a later model car. Most cars that fall within this price range will have been made in 2008 or earlier.

Cars with higher mileage is going to cost more than vehicles with a lower mile rate. Older model vehicles with high mileage are usually sold for under $5000. Remember that high mileage tends to bring the overall value of a car down. Do not forget that vehicles made after 2005 tend to last longer in terms of mileage. So, a person can save money on high mileage vehicles but they could also possibly pay more if it is a vehicle that was made after 2005.

Vehicles with heavy damage, multiple dents, lots of scratches and a degraded interior will usually be priced lower than vehicles that are well maintained. Auto buyers can get a significant discount on vehicles if they have exterior and/or interior damage.

Features will also influence a vehicle’s price. Newer model vehicles with top rated vehicle safety technology, computer and USB interface and monitors will usually cost more. However, an auto buyer who purchases a vehicle with standard features will typically pay less for that car.

Top-Rated Vehicles for Under $5000

The following information will describe some of the best used cars for under $5,000. By the way the vehicles listed here are not the only ones that are available for under $5000. Here is a list of those vehicles:

2009 Toyota Camry LE

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2006 Volkswagen Passat

2005 Kia Sportage

2004 Chevrolet Malibu

2006 Honda Civic

2005 Kia Sorento

2002 Toyota Camry

2007 Kia Soul Base

Keep in mind that auto buyers can purchase vehicles from 10 or 20 years ago. Many of these cars are way under $5000 and a person could only pay a couple of thousand or less. The best way for a consumer to find a vehicle for under $5000 is to take the time to search around for a good deal.

Also, check out the video below for some useful advice when shopping around for a used car: