Because of the increasing popularity of the internet, growing from 1billion users in 2005 to 3.5 billion users in 2017, a well designed website is now the most profitable investment for your business. However, one of the biggest problems that many internet marketers face is that they are not aware of the value that a professionally designed website offers over a website made using free or cheap do-it-yourself (DIY) website builders. This is not something that’s easy for a lot of new or intermediate digital marketers that don’t have a lot of experience to understand, so below are five of the best reasons you can’t afford to not hire a professional web designer for your next website. Having a professionally designed website will:

1) Establish credibility

Did you know that research from the Persuasion Technology Lab in Stanford University showed that 46.1% of participants mentioned as the most important credibility feature? So it’s very important to have a professionally designed website if you want to establish credibility for yourself and/or yourbrand.

2) Boost conversions

By appearing to be authoritative with a professionally designed website,you will in turn boost your conversions. Reputable web designers with many years of experience have worked closely with hundred (if not thousands!) ofsuccessful internet marketers. Therefore, you should use them for their knowledge and expertise in building high converting websites.

3) Save you time

It’s a chance that you might already have experience with using DIY website builders or developing websites in general, but the biggest differencehere is that reputable website designers know how to create websites that actually convert. This means that they will save you a ton of time and preventyou from wasting several months, or years, trying to figure out what convertson your own.


4) Optimize your website for SEO benefits

Did you know that doing things like overusing keywords on a page, having more images on your page than text, or not including H1 tags on your page canhave a severely damaging effect on your websites search engine ranking capabilities? Luckily for you, reputable web designers know these things asmuch as they know their own name! And they have a long list of successful clients to prove it. Check out Website Design Miami for example.

5) Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile internet users accounted for 49.7% of worldwide page views as of February 2017. Now ask yourself, does this sound like a market you want to missout on? If you want your website optimization to reach it’s maximum potential,you will have to create a website that is designed to appeal to not only traditional desktop users, but mobile users as well. It’s no secret that the internet has come a long way since the 90’s, with mobile operating systems such as Android now surpassing any other desktop or mobile operating system in terms of active users, so if you want to stay alive in the fast paced world of internet marketing, make sure you hire an experienced and reputable designer for your next website.