Top 5 Reasons to use Ear Plugs during Music Festivals and Clubs

Whether you are seeing your favorite DJ at a club or heading to a weekend long festival with your friends, don’t forget to add ear plugs to your list of things to bring. Ear plugs might seem like a lame accessory your Dad or Grandpa would suggest, but wearing ear plugs can actually improve your live music experience and can prevent premature hearing loss and give you the best ear protection. Here are five reasons wearing ear plugs at music festivals and clubs isn’t lame.

No Ringing Ears

A wicked hangover isn’t the only thing you’ll have after a wild night out at the club. That high pitched ringing in your ear adds a new layer of unbearable to your morning after. More annoying than it is dangerous, tinnitus is a direct result of unprotected listening. Being outdoors doesn’t mean you’re free to leave the ear plugs at home, either. Large crowds, like the ones at music festivals, only add to the noise level. Quit subjecting yourself to light torture, just wear the ear plugs.

A Better Listening Experience

When you listen to music at home, you are only hearing it, but when you listen to music live, you feel it. The atmosphere of the crowd, visuals, and sound projection are all that make for a memorable experience. Being able to feel the bass running through your body is a truly euphoric experience. By partially blocking the sound from hitting your ear drums, you can improve that out-of-body experience when the bass drops.

Getting Old doesn’t mean You have to go deaf

Hearing loss happens naturally as you age, but wearing ear plugs prevents premature hearing loss and minimzes the severity of natural hearing loss. If you want to be able to hear your favorite band or DJ well into your old age, protect your ears now so your favorite music sounds just as great even when you’re gray.

Ear Plugs are Temporary, Hearing Aides are not

The beauty of ear plugs is that you can take them out at the end of the night. But when you have to wear a hearing aide due to hearing loss, you don’t get to pick and choose when you wear it. With a hearing aide the choice is simple, do you or do you not want to hear clearly? Wearing ear plugs now ensures that you will always have the option to hear without the use of any aides later on.

Help Break the Stigma

Many people choose not to wear ear plugs to clubs or music festivals because there is a negative stigma surrounding wearing them. Whoever started the idea that wearing ear plugs is lame, is actually the lame one. Professoinal muscians and DJs alike all agree that wearing ear plugs keeps them healthy and sane. By choosing to wear ear plugs for your next club outting or concert, you are showing others you can keep your cool factor and save your hearing. It’s really a win-win!