Business cards were always a must-have 20 years ago, or even just 10 years ago in many cases. Today, they probably aren’t necessarily a must-have because most people have mobile devices and can get a client’s contact information very easily without a card. But business cards haven’t gotten completely obsolete, and there’s a lot places online where you can buy them very cheap. It also could depend on what industry your company is in and the type of clients you’re trying to reach which determine whether you need a business card or not. But there are a few other situations where it definitely could be to your advantage to have a business card.

You’re A New Business Looking To Put An Image With Your Company

When you’re a new company or your name isn’t too well-known, having a business card is usually a good idea so that people can find you better. It also ensures that people find the right website if your company has a similar name to another one, and it’s a way for them to see your company logo and make a good first impression on the people you’re looking to network with. They usually come in most handy when you’re going to an networking event and telling people about your company, or you’re looking to establish credibility with some longtime professionals at another company.

You’re In A Time Crunch And Want To Follow Up With A Client Later

While it’s not necessary to go carrying a bulk of business cards with you nowadays, you might want to keep a few in your back pocket because there’s always a chance you might want to get in touch with a potential client later if they’ve caught you at a bad time. For example, if you run into someone as you’re on your way to an important meeting but want them to call you later, quickly giving them a card and telling them you’d like them to call lets them know that you are interested in their business. Or you might want to make an elevator pitch to an important client or investor and want them to remember you a little more easily when you’ve finished making the pitch.

You Want To Make Sure Your Contact Gets Your Phone Number Directly

Depending on the size of your company and how large your management team is, you might want to make sure your contact gets your exact business phone number or extension so they don’t ever feel as if they’re being given the runaround. It can be helpful to do this if you don’t want your office phone number to be published online but don’t mind sharing it in a card, or you have a business cell phone you don’t mind your contact reaching you at. Business cards even today continue to have that personal touch to them.

So while you may not use business cards all that frequently in today’s world, your company can still make a great impression if you have a few cards to go with it. You definitely shouldn’t spend a lot of money printing them, but getting a few here and there is always good for when you know you’re going to rub shoulders with important people. And above all, make your business cards stand out so that your contacts don’t forget them.