Innovative Plastics
Plastics have completely revolutionized the modern world. If you look around you just now, you will find plastic in various different shapes, sizes and forms around you. These are such malleable materials which are specially engineered to meet the needs of the modern day world.

Think about the innovative ways plastics are used in our daily lives. From car seat cushions to airbags, dashboards and bumpers in your car, television, fridge, coffee makers, mobile phones, alarm clocks and other appliances to food packaging, furniture in your house, everything around you has plastic in some shape, type or form. It is hard for us to imagine what our lives may be if plastic hadn’t been made.

Innovative Plastic materials have been developed by engineers and chemists by combining various elements derived from natural resources. They combine the atoms of those elements to form molecules that are called monomers. These monomers combine to form plastic materials which exhibit certain specifications and properties. These materials can withstand extreme temperatures, weather conditions and undergo a lot of stress without breaking.

Let us look at some great types of innovative plastics that have been engineered to be used in the modern world.