The world has come increasingly mobile. What used to require a stationary spot can now be done anywhere and even on the go. Portability has come to rival the more stationary devices in many different ways. Tasks that used to require desktops can now be done on laptops. A growing number of people are using laptops alongside of desktops. Some are even replacing desktops with their smaller and more portable counterparts. This does allow one to handle more tasks in times when they have to travel a lot. The following are three reasons why you should replace your desktop with a laptop.

  1. You Can Take Your Work with You

This is one advantage that laptops have over desktops, especially for entrepreneurs. There are times when there you may have to commute more than usual. Unfortunately, this could get in the way of your work if you have to be seated in front of a desktop computer. With a laptop computer, you have a better chance at getting some of the work done while you are on the go. You just need to make sure that your laptop is fully charged so that you can take care of your tasks during your travels.

  1. You Can Save Space with a Laptop

Even with the new sleeker designs of desktops, a lot of them still take up more space than a laptop. With a desktop replacement laptop, the drives and functions are all placed in one reasonably sized notebook. Also, there is only one large sized component to the laptop that needs to be carried around. Desktops still come with more than one separate component. However, there are some desktops that are all in one. Even those do not have the keyboard attached like the laptop does.

  1. Laptops Save Energy

Laptops can save a lot of energy. One of the reasons that they are great energy savers is that they don’t have to be plugged in all the time. When you have a full battery, you can unplug the laptop and use it as needed. A lot of the productivity based activities you are going to do tend to take up very little battery energy. Also, some laptops have an idle mode where very little if any battery energy is used. Therefore, if your laptop is on and there are no apps running, you will save a lot of energy.

Are Desktops Obsolete?

This is not to say that one should get rid of the desktop. There is still a place in the world for desktops. However, laptops offer a lot of the convenience that desktop PCs lack. A lot of people do a lot of commuting while they are working. A laptop does make things a lot easier when it comes to getting all of the tasks done. Also, laptops can easily connect with wifi if needed. Therefore, if you had to choose one, a laptop would be the best bet.