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Innovative Plastics


These are usually produced and immediately formed into products at the same time but can not be returned into their original state again. These are heated and set into a shape once and afterward, couldn’t be taken back to their original state like in the case of thermoplastics.

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Polymer-Plastic Technology and Engineering

Polymers are large molecules that are composed of a combination of small molecules called monomers. They have a wide range of properties and play an essential role in our everyday lives. Polymers are generally of two main types – Synthetic and Natural.

Plastic is also a polymer. Plastic consists of a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic organic compounds that are malleable in nature. Plastics are commonly derived from petrochemicals and are made from renewable materials including cellulosic and polylactic acid which comes from cotton liners and corn respectively. Plastics are specially engineered to hold some specific properties out of which plasticity is the general property which allows the plastic to irreversibly deform without breaking.

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Are Animated Videos the Next Innovative Thing for Businesses?

Are Animated Videos the Next Innovative Thing for Businesses?

While we are in the digital age of society, businesses around the world are picking up ways to enhance their brand with new technology and software. Such platforms I’m sure we are all familiar with our social media sites (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Businesses seem to cling to those platforms to promote their brand, but what really grabs their visitors are their animated explainer videos or B2B explainer videos. In this article, I will explain the benefits of having an animated explainer video if you want to promote your own business and gain revenue.

It Helps Attract Clients

The keyword for businesses is sales, sales, sales!!! One way to make sales is to attract your clients. And what better way to attract them by making an animated explainer video. It’s unique and far from a boring lecture or informational article on the information you are trying to provide. This definitely best suits the younger audiences since their minds move at a more rapid pace than the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Let’s just face the facts, we are living in the millennial era and technology is rapidly growing. So animated explainer videos can reel clients in.

They’re Self-Explanatory So Clients Will Be Interested

In comparison to informative articles and animated explainer videos, articles will bring in some clients to businesses. Animated explainer videos will draw in all people. B2B explainer videos are very self-explanatory and will not have your mind “wandering in the stars” while trapped in an article or informative videos with only pictures and words. Fun animated videos would interest viewers and would help them better understand what you are trying to promote. You can use tools to create your own animated videos such as Prezi, Animaker, Animatron, Moovly, and many others. Then once you’re done creating the animations, promote the platform you are trying to produce with social media icons such as Youtube and Facebook.

It Will Help You Gain Revenue

Imagine the advantage you could take attracting businesses to your brand. Not only will you become successful in your own brand, you will also make companies look good with the brand you are selling. Promoting the products through animated videos for corporations that sells the product is a sure thing for businesses to create revenues. Imagine companies like AT&T, Wal-Mart, or Amazon giving you revenues to extend your brand. If that’s not an advantage, then I don’t know what is. With this innovative technology, you could reel in such companies to help shape their brand which will help market your brand as a third party. This can generate you up to 600K a year or more. Imaging the odds!

There are many advantages in this era of creating an animated explainer video. If you are thinking of promoting a business and have the creativity of creating animations, consider the benefits of creating an explainer video. You will not regret it.

Lightweight Binocular Considerations for the Great Outdoors 

Lightweight Binocular Considerations for the Great Outdoors 

Best Lightweight Binoculars of 2018


Whether you are into hunting, bird watching, or trekking, the lightest binoculars are an essential part of any outdoor gadget inventory. They should not only be lightweight, but they should also be compact, durable, functional and affordable. Smaller binoculars sacrifice field of vision (FOV) in exchange for small size and weight. FOV is defined as the width of the visible area at 1000 yards. Increased magnification will diminish FOV in lightweight binoculars. The best lightweight binoculars are designed with a compromising balance between FOV and magnification.

The following is a comparison non-ordered list of a few of the best lightweight binoculars that are available on the market.


Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Compact Roof Prism Binocular


Bushnell has a reputation for quality compact binoculars, and the Bushnell H2O is no exception. It achieves its waterproof and fog proof qualities through O-band seals and Nitrogen purging. Its high-quality optics help deliver high definition lucidity and 12X magnification. Its multiple levels of optics protection and Bak-4 prisms deliver sharp images.


Bushnell Powerview Folding Roof Prism Binocular


This binocular lives up to Bushnell’s reputation for producing quality binoculars. It is a simple no-frills lightweight binocular that is an excellent value. Its durable design allows it to function in almost any conditions without impacting visual quality. The Bushnell Powerview is a good quality, affordable lightweight binocular.


Carson 3D Binocular


The Carson is a high-quality simple to use lightweight binocular. Its design is enhanced with a durable rubberized armor coating, comfortable thumb grooves, and oversized deep eyecups. These eye cups allow for the use of the binoculars while wearing eyeglasses enhancing visual acuity. Water and Fog proofing are provided by sealed O rings and purged Nitrogen. Extra-Low Dispersion Glass (ED Glass) is a feature of the Carson 3D binocular that is usually reserved for much more expensive types of binoculars. ED Glass combined with enhanced prism technology lessens chromatic aberration leading to more distinct images with excellent resolution and color.


Celestron Nature DX


This lightweight binocular was designed with the outdoorsman in mind. The Celestron an excellent choice for the beginning trekker or birding watcher. The binoculars versatility allows it to provide close range acuity, while also delivering a wide field of view at distance. It has a 6.5-foot close range focus making it an excellent choice for viewing birds, flowers, or insects. The wide field of view also allows the viewing of larger objects and animals at distance. The Celestron can be mounted on a tripod, it is water and fog proof, and works well in low light conditions. It is an excellent cost value for anyone considering a rugged affordable lightweight binocular.


Wingspan Optics Skyview Binoculars


This binocular is an excellent choice for birders and stargazers that are willing to spend a little more money on a high quality rugged lightweight binocular that delivers high-quality images. Its close focus gives distinct images at within two meters. Other features include ED Glass, Water/Fog proof, and ergonomic focus wheels.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the popular sequel to Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source. Launched in August 2012, it follows much of the same principles from the first two games where you play as either Counter-terrorist operatives or Terrorists across a series of game modes; including bomb defusal and death match. As the game is in its sixth year, it has become a popular eSports title around the world. Pro gamers work and train hard to outwit and outplay each other at events annually. In high-stakes events like these, the pros need the best tools to get the job done, as even the slightest mistake is fatal and can cost them the game. Today we’ll be covering a few, if not the best keyboard for CSGO used by the pros.

Haven’t heard of CS GO? This is it:


Boasted on the market as one of Logitech’s higher-tier keyboards, the board itself packs some impressive features that make it a viable option for pros and regular users alike. The G810 includes software that help players track stats, an attractive feat given the competitive nature of the eSports arena. In addition, it also features its own set of key switches along with lighting that’s customizable.

One outstanding flaw that sticks with this particular keyboard is that it has no macro keys. However, given the lack of that one feature, the other additions justify the price tag of the keyboard itself. Players should opt to keep an eye out for this keyboard.


While Razer is known for making innovations in the computer electronics market, they are also known with making quality mice and keyboards used by professionals in eSports gaming events around the world. The BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a variant of the popular BlackWidow series of keyboards, where it’s consistently listed as a keyboard of choice for performance and comfort. It’s an ideal choice for pros and regular users alike.

Its mechanical switch keys are great, but one of the other features included with the keyboard (aside from the stylish backlit lighting) is its five macro keys. These keys can be assigned any action the player desires. At its list price of $169.99, the BlackWidow Chroma V2 is fairly pricey and has only one USB slot, but if those flaws are not an issue for you, then the Chroma V2 is an attractive buy.


Corsair’s reputation of making high-quality keyboards is known throughout the world as top tier, and the K70 is no exception in that regard. Regularly used by the pros, the K70 is a mechanical keyboard that features anti-ghosting technology and backlit keys. It has different color variants on the market, where buyers can choose from blue, brown, red or speed. The keyboard possesses a rubber wrist rest that allows people to play long hours without putting too much strain on the wrists.

In terms of material, the K70 is fairly durable due to its matt aluminum construction. Keys don’t fade easily after constant use, and the RGB version gives a great degree of color personalization that makes it the center of envy. On the other end of the spectrum if you’re okay with classic backlighting you can opt with a standard version if you’re on a tight budget.


This listing itself is non-exhaustive, as some brands may not be listed on here. However, this was meant to give you an idea as to what the pro gamers themselves use. If you’re looking for high-quality keyboards that can give you an edge over the competition, then these may be the ones you’re looking for.

The best project management software in 2018

The best project management software in 2018

WorkForce is the best one. Oh, wait, Celoxis is what I meant to say. That’s right. Hold on a sec., I forgot about Wrike, that one is at the top of the list, even though I forgot it. Oops, I wouldn’t discount Zoho or ProofHub, those are fine pieces of software, very functional. You certainly can’t go wrong with those. Oh, or MavenLink, check out that one. And Asana of course, very comprehensive.

Get the hint? In a digital ocean of bits and bytes, the vast array of incredibly good and functional software is a bit overwhelming (no pun intended with “bit”), and though researching all the choices can get tedious, perhaps it would be more prudent to identify those that don’t really make the cut. Whichever method you use to make your choice, there is no way around good ol’ nose to the grindstone research. There is, of course, tons of information on the World Wide Web for all to see, however, who researches the researchers? A comprehensive source of reliable information seems to be elusive. Whether it is or isn’t is hard to tell, it just seems that way. But, one bad apple spoils the barrel, such as the saying goes.

We can, however, all rest easy. There is one thing that, more often than not, proves to be true. That genuinely fine products and services invariably rise to the surface and become known to all. Sometimes it’s an irksome and long process, but in the end, the good rises above the bad and the ugly. Such is the way in this, the 3rd dimension, or again, so it seems.

Many people seem to be clamoring for these wonderful software solutions thinking that software applications will iron out all of their management issues. It might be prudent, though, to sit back for a moment, take a deep breath, and remember that you’ve been managing your successful business for many years with just a pencil and a ledger. The software tack you’re considering is merely a fine tool to help enhance your already fine management practices.

Back to the vast array of project management software options. That there are so many out there, and most of them fine works of binary development, is a good thing. The competition will, by its very nature, sort out each into their natural categories. Consider what it is after all. Project Management Software! No one, and I mean no one, chooses to develop project management software unless they’re dang serious about it. This isn’t a silly game app or pack of emoticons, this is serious business, and those that make it into the market, have done it with very hard work.

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on project management software, perhaps letting the product choose you would be a wise course to take. Either way, you’ve chosen to purchase it, just as you’ve chosen to dine out and peruse that lengthy menu.

Finding the Best Alternatives to Godaddy Managed Host

Finding the Best Alternatives to Godaddy Managed Host

A ton of people have heard of GoDaddy because this is the company that advertises the most. There are commercials with Danica Patrick that pop up throughout the course of the year for GoDaddy hosting so people have come to know this company quite well for managed hosting, but this is not the only option that is out there. People that are trying to get some web hosting options should consider the alternatives that are available before they make a decision.

Rack Space

There are companies like Rack Space that may not be as well-known as GoDaddy, but this company has become known as a cost effective alternative to godaddy managed host for those that want to get some managed hosting options before they sign up for GoDaddy.

Fully Managed Hosting is what this company promotes as soon as you access the website. It is a company that has been able to secure customers because it has so many experts that are working for this company. With more than 1,000 Microsoft Certification Technicians it has become easier for people to trust the leadership and managed hosting at Rack Space.

People what have issues want to know that there are experts in place that can handle things and get the issues resolved quickly. That is exactly what Rack Space is about. This is a company that is resolving issues quickly if anything arises. Rack Space is able to respond quickly because there are experts in Microsoft, but that is not the only area of expertise for these employees at Rack Space. There are also certified Cisco and Red Hat experts as well.

Black Board Managed Hosting

Another company that is offering dedicated and managed hosting is Black Board. This company is easily becoming one of the best around for hosting because it offers plans that are scaled as your hosting needs grow. You can start off with a Gold plan for your hosting needs and eventually move up to a Diamond plan if you have greater managed hosting needs down the line.

This company has been able to thrive because it offers the cost effective solutions with experts that provide 24/7 support. Anyone that is interested in a company that has network operations monitoring and dedicated network support teams should consider what Black Board is offering. This company does not have the same type of major advertising that GoDaddy has, but it has received good reviews from customers that have used the managed hosting services. This company has become well-known in education circles for providing a lot of managed services. People that are trying to establish hosting services for websites will benefit from using an established industry leader like Black Board.

There Are Still Advantages To Having Your Own Business Card

There Are Still Advantages To Having Your Own Business Card

Business cards were always a must-have 20 years ago, or even just 10 years ago in many cases. Today, they probably aren’t necessarily a must-have because most people have mobile devices and can get a client’s contact information very easily without a card. But business cards haven’t gotten completely obsolete, and there’s a lot places online where you can buy them very cheap. It also could depend on what industry your company is in and the type of clients you’re trying to reach which determine whether you need a business card or not. But there are a few other situations where it definitely could be to your advantage to have a business card.

You’re A New Business Looking To Put An Image With Your Company

When you’re a new company or your name isn’t too well-known, having a business card is usually a good idea so that people can find you better. It also ensures that people find the right website if your company has a similar name to another one, and it’s a way for them to see your company logo and make a good first impression on the people you’re looking to network with. They usually come in most handy when you’re going to an networking event and telling people about your company, or you’re looking to establish credibility with some longtime professionals at another company.

You’re In A Time Crunch And Want To Follow Up With A Client Later

While it’s not necessary to go carrying a bulk of business cards with you nowadays, you might want to keep a few in your back pocket because there’s always a chance you might want to get in touch with a potential client later if they’ve caught you at a bad time. For example, if you run into someone as you’re on your way to an important meeting but want them to call you later, quickly giving them a card and telling them you’d like them to call lets them know that you are interested in their business. Or you might want to make an elevator pitch to an important client or investor and want them to remember you a little more easily when you’ve finished making the pitch.

You Want To Make Sure Your Contact Gets Your Phone Number Directly

Depending on the size of your company and how large your management team is, you might want to make sure your contact gets your exact business phone number or extension so they don’t ever feel as if they’re being given the runaround. It can be helpful to do this if you don’t want your office phone number to be published online but don’t mind sharing it in a card, or you have a business cell phone you don’t mind your contact reaching you at. Business cards even today continue to have that personal touch to them.

So while you may not use business cards all that frequently in today’s world, your company can still make a great impression if you have a few cards to go with it. You definitely shouldn’t spend a lot of money printing them, but getting a few here and there is always good for when you know you’re going to rub shoulders with important people. And above all, make your business cards stand out so that your contacts don’t forget them.

5 Tips for Applying to IT Jobs

5 Tips for Applying to IT Jobs

Searching for that right jobs can be both exciting and exhausting. While applying for a variety of IT Jobs or also it vacatures, it is easy to envision the role one will hold in the workforce. New jobs mean meeting new people, developing new skills, and strengthening a resume. It is important to stay mindful of tips to help with the job application process so that one does not become overwhelmed. Keep in mind these 5 Tips for Applying to IT Jobs to help alleviate stress and anxiety associated with the employment application process.


  1. Be Certain to Read Experience and Education Requirements Prior to Beginning the Application Process.


This may seem like a simple tip but very often people apply for jobs they do not possess the experience to obtain. Before starting an application thoroughly read what is required for the position. If a company wants a person with two years of experience, and you only have one, then overlook this application and resume your search. Companies often have an image of an employee with certain qualities in mind. Thus, they will only provide interviews for these people. Applying for jobs you are not qualified for is a waste of your valuable application process time. If it is a job you really want, gain the experience and apply once you qualify.


  1. Remain calm.


This can be difficult advice to follow especially considering the need to make money for survival. However, stressing yourself out while applying for IT jobs does not benefit you in the long run. Maintaining a state of calm positivity will be essential when preparing for the interview process. If you want to find the right IT job, keep a calm head. Very often stress and anxiety distort our cognitive process and impact our performance including the competitiveness of our job applications.


  1. Tailor your resume.


During the IT job search process, take time to read the role and duties most companies desire. If you have these skills, make certain to highlight them in your resume. However, do not make the mistake of including skills you do not possess on your resume. Including information that is dishonest in a resume has potential to negatively impact your role in the workforce.


  1. Indeed is your friend.


When looking for that dream IT job remember Indeed is a friend. Indeed is an amazing resource to utilize. It has a list of many jobs within a close proximity. Furthermore, the utilization of Indeed services is free. Free is good when you are in the midst of obtaining a future career. Additionally, you can make an Indeed profile that can be open for companies throughout your area to view.


  1. When applying for IT jobs do not overestimate the importance of networking.


Some people view networking as a method of cheating your way into the workplace, but it is not. Networking can be one of the fastest and most influential ways to find yourself a dream position within the IT world.

Hunt it down: Best trail cameras in 2018

Hunt it down: Best trail cameras in 2018

Discover the Best Trail Camera


When it comes down to find me trail cameras there are a plethora of choices out there. It is going to be pertinent to check out all of the possibilities that exist before investing into a camera. The good thing about the large selection of cameras that are available is that there are tremendous amount of specs that give people an idea of what is going to work best.


High Resolution


The AKASO cameras are going to have some of the best resolutions. This is why many people decide on 14MP AKASO night vision camera when they make a decision to get a quality camera that is going to have a large amount of megapixels. People that want it really clear picture when they are on trails will benefit from cameras like this. Anyone that is trying to get a vivid sense of long range photos have high quality are going to gravitate towards these types of cameras.




People that are looking for the high quality cameras in 2018 are going to want to consider what KUOOL cameras brings to the table. This is a camera that has a lot of good qualities, but what people may know it best for is the waterproof features. When people have access to something like this they have the ability to get the best pictures regardless of weather conditions. Some people may not think about this from the start, but this is definitely something that people should keep in mind.


The Brand Name Camera


There are some people that are going to look specifically for the brand new cameras from Lounger. This is going to give them a much better level of comfort because they know this camera from the way that it is received in reviews. If someone has access to a X-Lounger camera they are going to have access to no glow IR LEDS and IP66 Waterproof functions.


Choosing a High Definition Camera


In an age where high definition is something that comes up in conversations over and over again more people are beginning to talk about how the high-definition camera is very important for trails. Fortunately, there are several high definition cameras like the APEMAN trail camera that can get the job done. People that are looking for 1080P HD will discover that these are some of the best cameras on the market. Few people will disagree when it comes to the quality.


A better camera for a moderate price


One thing if you must realize when they are looking at the best trail camera that is that the price is not always going to determine the quality of the camera. It is true that you are going to get what you pay for it when it comes to camera hardware, but there are some moderately priced cameras that are still going to be able to give you the same amount of high-definition. Crenova, for example, has moderately-priced clarity and excellent zoom features that do not cost a fortune.

Innovations: Five reasons to order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer

Innovations: Five reasons to order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer

If custom optics have always seemed a little bit out of your company’s price range, you may have decided buying already engineered optics are all you can afford.


With prices having come down in recent years, however, and with other options now available besides just ordering from an American company, there are at least five reasons why you should order custom optics from an optical lens manufacturer for your company.


Precision — As the equipment used to design, prototype and manufacture custom optics has become more and more high-tech, the precision that these lenses and other optics can now be manufactured to is incredible. In fact, if you thought the custom optics you were looking at a decade ago were precise, you will be astounded by what you can buy now.


Manufactured to work perfectly with your applications — No matter what type of business you run, you will usually run applications that are specific to your particular industry. These applications may need lenses or other optics. If so, and you would like to have custom optics that work perfectly with your applications at all times, then now is the time to order them from an optical lens manufacturer.


Speed of design and manufacturing — As manufacturing equipment has improved, the speed that custom optics can be designed, a prototype made and then the approved optics manufactured has increased immensely. To such a point that custom optics made within a specific number of weeks or months several years ago, can now be made in less than half the time.


If time is a factor in your decision not to buy custom optics, then that excuse just may not be relevant for your company anymore.


Ease of ordering — With so many optical lens manufacturers now out there, it is so easy to find a reputable one and to order the exact custom optics that you need. To such an extent, you could have your order for custom optics being designed just a few days after you begin looking for a company to do it.


With the Internet too, the ease of ordering is so easy that all of it can now be done via email or contact form. All you need to do is to find the website of the company you are interested in ordering from, and then contact them via their site and ask for a free quote.


The price of custom optics — With so many more optical lens manufacturers than there were just a decade or two ago, the price of custom optics has fallen as well.


When you also factor in the Asian companies that are able to provide international standard custom optics for a customer anywhere in the world, the price you can expect to pay is far less than you may think.


Some of the companies in countries like China, Thailand and Malaysia have decades of experience in the business as well, so that what they design and manufacture is just the same as any American company only cheaper.